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Closede Beta Reviews of Chrono Tales

Greetings all, here are some reviews written by you from our Chrono Tales Facebook. Any comments or more reviews are welcome! We are trying our best for Second Closed Beta Test Launch. Thanks.

By WarFighterPH

Well what can i say, Chrono Tales did live up to its reputation as "The Most Anticipated Game" EVERRRR... The Game Play is great, the graphics is great, levelling is a whole lot of fun. AFK system is great too (for those people lazy enough to do quest ^_^). and also the pet system, zodiac, crafting etc etc.. Its a power packed game that virtually has it all..

As for the MOD they are very supportive to the new players and they always answer the questions being asked.. They are friendly to everyone and acts accordingly when a problem occurs..

Chrono tales has it all and its definitely Worth my time playing or worth buying.. They have both my THUMBS UP and I LOVE IT.. Keep up the good work guys/gals..

By FireFox

Well my experience with the game was very enjoyable im kinda really addicted to the game and a lot of others that you guys have made as well so don't worry my review for the game is a good one the only problems I have found were to be a glitch in the sampsions chamber instance and some lag here and there I guess from all the people so not your fault I love how there is so much to the game so it always keeps your attention and doesn't have just one thing that could get boring but how you have it I can’t stop playing it I love the pets and the mounts but I love the scenery and the design concept of the game the most I never get bored of the game so congratulations on a job well done on the game I hope you guys get many players you deserve it after all the hard work that was put into the game. I appreciate all of what you guys do in the game as well I thank you for being so dedicated to what you make I’ve known a lot of gamers that don't I rate the game 10 out of 10 cuss I play it so much make the map even bigger that will make it even better but you were probably already thinking on that but good luck in all of what you do I hope all your games are successful my IGN: FireFox if you wanna friend me in the game as well

By Teaya

I love Chrono Tales because it is giving fun to me .. and free to play ^_^ i enjoy chrono tales . chrono tales is a good game and fun to play to me im not wasting time because im having fun to play it BEST 3D BROWSER MMO GAME ^_^ ... I LOVE Chrono Tales

By FideoArdena

Chrono Tales is a 3D browser RPG in which you explore treasure, hunt for valuable items, slay creatures and communicate with your buddies in the world of Chroland. Graphically, Chrono Tales takes on the stunning anime style, from Character, to equipment, to monsters and to awesome mounts.

Upon the first login, players should do quest in order to get fast levelled up and handsomely rewarded. After completing some basic quest, players could explore battle grounds and dungeons. It should be noted that all of activities are closely associated with game storyline.

Each class has different skills they may learn from. Don’t worry about making mistakes selecting skills at this point in your development. You will be given an opportunity to reset your skill points in the near future. After learning a new skill, you can use your mouse to drag it onto your skill hotbar located near the bottom of your screen for quick access. When fighting monsters, your defeat attack will be automatically used. You may place any skill in the default attack slot. This game also has an auto fighting menu which you can choose what skill and item to be used, and Meditation for afk players who wants exp. When you are critically injured or dead, you have to options: revive on the spot or you can revive yourself at the nearest town for free.

This is a very nice game, it is one of the best i have played. Great graphics )

By nostalgia

This game is good,but he have some problems.It's fun to play but I don't like that after level 28 you don't have quests to make exp .I reached very hard level 30,i did all daily quests but i reached only an half of the level.I needed to kill to reach level ,it's boring only to kill.The release of this game was really fast,good.In the 2nd closed beta i am sure there will be more events .I am sorry,but i like more the game that have more items free not with real money and more of the events free (ex:logig daily,stay in game for ... hours,kill many monsters.I love to play this game in my free time.I'm sure that GameDP will make this game perfect like Dragon's Call 2.From a scale from 1 to 10, i give him 9.Good work GameDP you made best browser games ever.My yahoo mail

By Xodi

I haven't gotten involved in the Pvp/PK system yet very much, but it seems to be very open and I like that even though I haven't tried it yet as I've been busy trying to hit the level-cap.

The balance between classes seems as of now pretty good, maybe priests could be given a couple of more support skills than just a heal and a buff to prevent them from being just a pure buff-bot. But then again, there are lots more content to be seen than what is being shown as of now. I have good faith in this game and I am pretty picky when it comes to games, but this game I know I will be playing once it launches OB.

Gameplay: 4/5
Music/sound: 3/5
Pvp/PK: 4.5/5
Questing/autopathing: 5/5
Content: 4.5/5
Craft-system: 4/5
Graphics (for a browser game): 4/5
Community: 4/5

Overall I give this game a solid 4 out of 5 cheeseburgers.